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Did you open a door in September 2013?

18 Sep 2013

Another successful Doors Open Day in Aberdeen saw 32 properties open their doors to the inquisitive on 14 September 2013.

Amongst the star attractions were the new Snohetta-designed Maggie’s Centre, Bucksburn Police Office and the Marine Operations Centre which opened their doors for the first time.

Organised by an independent local committee, the event was supported for the ninth consecutive year by Aberdeen City Heritage Trust along with Vibrant Aberdeen with assistance in kind coming from Aberdeen City Council.

Some of the 200 who visited the Bucksburn Police Office had the bonus of having the Police Diving team called out during the day plus Police Dog demonstrations. The Marine Operation Centre tours were sold over a week in advance.

As usual a free open topped bus was laid on to transport explorers between some of the properties around the city.

This year saw the Committee run a photographic competition for school age children.

For further details of Doors Open Day visit the Aberdeen Doors Open Day Facebook site - or the national website: