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Early Nineteenth Century Expansion

Unparalleled urban growth due to estate restructuring and industrialisation took place between 1660 and 1800 leading to pressure to expand the city beyond the tightly confined medieval streets.

Eleven new streets were opened or improved in the second half of the C18th and early C19th century. Marischal Street created a direct link between Castlegate and the quayside and demonstrated how Aberdeen’s hilly environment could be overcome. 

Bridging the Denburn. © Aberdeen City Council

Further bridging at the Denburn and the setting out of Union Street and King Street after 1800 freed up space for development along elegant planned streets.

Expansion was predominantly a result of private sector speculation by the Trades and through the Land Association, later the City of Aberdeen Land Association.

Bon Accord Crescent. Image provided courtesy of Aberdeen City Libraries